Expecto Patronum!

Save the Date: 25th October, 2019
Time: 10 a.m - 6 p.m

Calling out to all witches, wizards and muggles! Join us for a magical day where your favorite book club in the whole wide world and our favorite wizarding world collides. Litmosphere presents Expecto Patronum!— a creative event paying tribute to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Expecto Patronum! aims to add a new dimension to the Potter-mania by focusing on how both Harry Potter and Litmosphere save lives on countless occasions. Come visit your favorite shops, and partake in magical activities, enchanting panel discussions, and other exciting activities.

There is no age restriction. Don’t forget to wear your favorite Harry Potter outfit!

Ticket Price: BDT 360/- Only (Entry + 3 coupons).
Special Price for Litmosphere Card-holders: BDT 300/- Only (Entry + 3 coupons)

Tickets will also be available on-spot.

Event Partner


Ruhaani Wedding -
Art Touches the Soul

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The Magical Shops
of Diagon Alley

Inspiring Hogwarts


Defence Against the
Dark Arts

Time: 3:30 p.m

Attend a panel discussion on why compassion and hobbies are important for mental health. Tasnuva Ashraf Umama, creator of the platform Healthy Minds (Mental Health Awareness Bangladesh) ,Kazi Ashfaqul Huq (healthy minds),Nayeema Reza, creator of the platform Hobby ki? and Sonom Rahnuma (Hobby ki?) will be participating in this discussion moderated by Sabrina Fatma Ahmed, the feature editor of Dhaka Tribune. Complimentary for ticket holders.


The Care and Conservation
of Magical Creatures

Time: 5:00 p.m

Don’t miss the chance to attend a lecture on Care of Magical Creatures by the Magizoologists and Magical Animal Rights Advocates, Zahid Hussain and Rabita Arefin from the humanitarian organization Care for Paws. They will be sharing tips and tricks on how to befriend many-legged creatures, and will also be talking about the importance of taking care of our furry friends. Complimentary for ticket holders.

Magical Activities


Photo Session with Cousin Kai

Sirius Black sends heartfelt apologies for being unable to attend in person, but he’s sending his lesser known (but equally adorable) cousin Kai to represent the good apples from the Black family tree—Come take photos with him for a small fee! All proceeds will go to Care for Paws , for its enormous contribution to helping out our Kai and his friends.


Choose your Patronus

The key ingredient to the perfect patronus is successfully conjuring up happy thoughts: Head over to this section to pick out a beautiful piece of artwork from a collection created by submissions from all over the country, with a small, warm, positive message that comes with it to remind you of the light, even in the darkest of times.


Students in the Corridor!

Sneak out of your common room to explore the forbidden floors and rooms of Hogwarts to meet a Basilisk and other magical creatures in an exciting game of Harry Potter themed Snake and Ladder.Battle with fellow friends and foes to win exciting prizes from our activity sponsor Ace of Spades BD. Be careful not to let Filch catch you out of bed!


Table Quidditch

Short, sweet and fun, table Quidditch is an indoor, interactive version of our favourite wizarding sport. Pick your teams and take turns trying to score goals with the Quaffle by aiming it at your opponent’s hoops. Zooming Bludgers and a sparkling snitch aren’t supposed to be involved, but we can’t promise their absence—so keep your eyes open!


Tarot Card Reading

Ever wished to find out where your fortune lies? We’re delighted to announce that we will be having the lovely, talented Oracle Nudrat Anjum to do tarot card readings for you and your loved ones. Stop by for some mystical, personalized insight on luck, love and life.


Crystal Ball Reading

We’re hosting the mysterious and talented witch Amreeta Lethe Chowdhury herself, who has made time for our event just to read her crystal balls for you. Drop by for some amazingly accurate (tried and true) renditions of the obstacles and lemons life is going to throw at you—the future doesn’t have to so puzzling after all!