lit.mos.phere (lit’ mƏs fer’) n: 1. The vast domain of the world’s readers and writers 2. A lively literary mood permeating the air Litmosphere is a literary organization that engages both Bangla and English readers from Bangladesh and beyond.

With the motto “So many books, So little time”, Litmosphere is on a mission to spread the magic of reading among people of all walks of life and create a safe haven for readers where strangers become family, long lost readers can find love again, and people of all ages and communities can come to mourn the death of a character at 3 in the morning. Recognizing the distinctive contribution that literature makes to people’s lives, Litmosphere focuses on introducing and cultivating a spirit of reading while promoting creativity of all sorts.

Our Mission

We provide an open and safe space for bookworms with the goal of leading a new discussion around literature, provide exciting offers for our members supported by our partners and host several bookish events & book club meet ups throughout the year. Explore our website to dwell deeper into a world of books, words and literary magic.

Our Community

Litmosphere is an online community for anyone who loves reading. LitFam consists of nearly 7000 members and it is growing everyday. We are mainly based in Bangladesh but we welcome people from all backgrounds and diversity with open arms, as family should.

Our History

Litmosphere is the product of love of two sisters who just wanted to spread some happiness in this world. When Rubaiya was struck in the worst slump of her life, she turned to her younger sister Ramisa who seemed to be zooming through books.




The Dream Team

The Awesome People Behind this Organization



Rubaiya loves reading so much that she went and got a degree on it. Always buzzing with outlandish ideas and planning elaborate vision boards, you will usually find her in the middle of a frenzied ‘eureka’ moment. Rubaiya is passionate about reading, writing and giving back to the community. With the vision of a world full of readers, she is relentlessly working everyday to make Litmosphere bigger and better. During her leisure, she likes to plan world domination through kindness and cups of free karak tea.

Rubaiya Chowdhury

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

When Ramisa started photographing her books for her Instagram based book-blog and began representing small businesses, she found her love for digital marketing and decided to major in Media and Communications. Now all she wants to do is perfect the skill of latte arts, bake scrumptious cakes all day, speak eight-nine languages and make books trendy again

Ramisa Chowdhury

Co-Founder & Chief Content Creator

An Electrical Engineer by education and an Educator by profession and passion, Zami graduated from Islamic University of Technology (IUT) and joined Panjeree Publication as a writer. Additionally, he's a part of projects under National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB). He joined Litmosphere on July, 2017. He rose up the ranks pretty fast due to dedication, hard work and sheer will and dreams to take Litmosphere to an unimaginable height

Amimul Ihsan

Admin & Chief Operations Officer

Mahinoor is the youngest moderator with the highest seniority. She is a dedicated, fierce, and loyal person who finds her solace in reading. Mahinoor may be young, but she has the attitude of a straight up leader. She is in charge of the logistics of Litmosphere and she does a tremendous job.Mahinoor is an aspiring university admission candidate who finished her HSC from Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls' College. With the spark she has at the age of 18, the team hopes she will lead from the front within a few years

Mahinoor Ekram

Moderator and Head of Logistics

Tajkia is a final year medical student, and also works as a writer for Panjeree Publications. She is a true Ravenclaw by nature, a Grammar Nazi by passion, and an empath who believes in changing the world with sheer will one day. When she is not drowning in studies, she loves immersing into the world of literature while sipping a cup of coffee because you need caffeine in your system (duh!) in order to survive as a workaholic. In the end, all she wants to do in her life is to heal people, both, with her surgical skills and the magic of books!

Tajkia Mostafa Khadem

Moderator and Head of Accounts

Tarin is the aesthetic queen of Litmosphere, maintaining a chic bookstagram profile and winning the First Prize in first ever Bookstagramming Photo Exhibition, A Thousand Words 2018. She is a CSE final year student in Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology. Immersed in the quaint world she created for herself, Tarin has a knack for being organized and creative in her own bucolic charm. She has an unwavering passion for reading and photography and she enriches the realm of bibliophilia by existing every day.

Tarin Fatema

Moderator and Head of Marketing